"Water" is the essence of life and is a key component in driving production activities in the industry. Recognizing this "Revolution Engineering Co., Ltd."
was established by a team of engineers in the business of water management in the community, and general industry.

    "Revolution Engineering Co., Ltd." start as a distributor of Automatic Filter Brand "Revol", which have been popular with customers as well. Subsequently, the company has expanded include products leading various kinds such as Water treatment equipment, Automatic filter The company provides services in the design and selection of products and technology innovation to be developed and applied in the country, to save energy and water conservation, environmental policy, to meet together. 

-  Micron ‐Precise filtration of solids 5, 20,50,100,130,,200 micron    
-  The innovative depth filter design.   
-  Long‐Term operation and minimal maintenance   
-  Manual / Automatic backwash   
-  Corrosion free water treatment Plant 

"Revol"  Automatic Media Filter

‐  High performance with  high flow rate.   
‐  Light weight ,less area.   
-  Automatic backwash  with small amount water.   
‐  Corrosion free   
" Revol "  Tube settler    
‐  Increase Capacity of  Water Plant.   
‐  Less Settling area for Clarifier   
‐  Minimize Chemical Feeding
"Revol"  Water Treatment Plant    
           ‐ High performance with  high flow rate.  
‐ Less  setting area   
‐ Frist In / frist out  for pulsator clarifier   
‐ Minimize chemical feeding   
- Clear water outlet/less turbidity 
"Revol" Flocculator Clarifier     
‐ Compact  flocculation clarifier   
‐ Highly effective approach to water purification  problems. 
‐ Excellent treated water quality
Mobile Plant    
‐ Guaranteed water quality and quantity   
‐ Complete analytical and applications laboratory   
‐  Technical, Engineering and Marketing personnel qualified to meet specific
   plant requirement 
-  Plastic parts ‐corrosion free    
‐  Highly durable filter element        
‐  Replace  able disc filter    
‐  Filter disc are available in various filtration grades
‐  Available in manual and Automatic operate  
‐  Can be operated high temperature ( 70º C ) 
‐  Resistance to chemicals and liquid fertilizers 
‐  Easy installation and operation    
‐  Lightweight, compact design   
Applications & Business Lines 
1.  Pre‐filter / General Water Inlet    
     Water Inlet ‐Ground Water , Surface Water    
     Industries  ‐ All Industries ( Food & Beverage, Textile Chemicals, Plastic, etc )   
2. Cooling Tower Filtration/Treatment    
    Water Inlet ‐ Both Side stream and Full stream. 
    Industries ‐ All Industries (Petrochemical Machinery , Steel, Plastic )
3. Fine Water Ducts and Nozzle Protection  
Water Inlet ‐Paper Pulp, Fiber, Steel        
    Industries – Pulp &Paper, Textile, Steel, Plastics  
4. Water Recycling and Effluent Recovery  
    Water Inlet ‐ Paper Pulp Fiber    
    Industries ‐ Food& Beverage , Pulp& Paper 
    Mining, Metallurgy, Machines 
5. Pre‐filtration Ahead Membranes      
    Water Inlet ‐ Process water        
    Industries ‐ Food & Beverage Pharmaceutical        
    Electronics, Textile
   6. Ion Exchange ‐ Boiler Feed Water      
    Upstream Filtration / Resin Traps        
    Water Inlet ‐ Process water      
    Industries ‐ Petrochemical & Refineries      
    Chemical Power Generation  
Advantages   : ‐ Corrosion Free      
‐ Light weight, Less are easy install    
‐ Special Synthetic Materials      
‐ Less water for back wash      
‐ two large Access Ports    
- Vessel :  Stainless ,FRP and Carbon Steel      
Applications & Business Lines 
1. Water Supply / water Treatment Plant    
    Water Inlet ‐ Surface Water    
    Industries ‐ All Industries ( Textile Chemical Petro chemical    
    Plastic Pulp & Paper ,etc )   
2. Process Water Supply      
    ( Auto Sand/Carbon Filter )      
    Water Inlet ‐ Sur face water      
    Industries ‐ Food & Beverage Textile      
    Chemical  Pharmaceutical    
3. Circulate Filtration/ Treatment
    Water Inlet  ‐ Circulate Water    
    Industries  ‐  Swimming Pool, Pond  
    Circulation, Aquarium   
4. Cooling Tower Filtration / Treatment    
Water Inlet  ‐  Side‐stream Cooling        
    Industries ‐ All Industries ( Steel, Petro chemical      
    Machinery  Chemical, Plastic ,etc )


" REVOL"  Standard Type Water Treatment Plant.  
1. New Technology the evolution of Clarifier. 
2. No moving part in water. 
3. Pin floc minimized, meet to better water quality. 
4. All Sludge can be managed first in first‐out.  
5. Saving foundation space operating cost and chemical cost. 
  Main Component  
1. Coagulation System (Chemical on Non‐Chemical)  
2. "REVOL" High Rate Flocculation by Pulsator Clarifier.   
3. "REVOL" Automatic Media Filter. 
4. Clear Water Tank. 
5. "REVOL" Controller. 


   Quality of output water  
pH       :   6‐8 
Turbidity ( NTU )     :  < 5 
Suspended Solid ( PPM )    :  < 20 

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